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  • TRANSFER PRICING: One year of experience with new regulations – webinar


    On Friday (9 March 2018) a webinar was held and hosted by our expert Aleksandra Trzópek. The topic of the webinar was transfer pricing and a discussion regarding our one year of work experience related to the new TP regulations. Aleksandra raised a number of important issues related to the topic, where she noted, among other […]

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  • Changes in CIT from 1 January 2018. The President signed a law introducing revolutionary changes regarding income taxes.


    On November 22, 2017, the President signed a law implementing the EU ATAD directive. In practice, the new rules restrict the use of tax optimization. In addition, there is also a so-called shopping centers tax. These and other changes are discussed by our experts on the training, which program is showed below: Separation in the […]

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  • Podatki z Galt Tax: Tomorrow (03.10.2017) come into force the regulations specifying new requirements for transfer pricing documentation


    The regulations* coming into force on 3 October 2017 will include i.a. the detailed description of the elements of the local file, the master file and the benchmark analysis, that is the new documentation that some entrepreneurs have to already prepare for 2017. These regulations complement the transfer pricing regulations effective as of 1 January […]

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  • Podatki z Galt Tax: Tax relief for ‘bad debts’ will be easier to use


    The Ministry of Development is working on a draft law which will introduce simplification for entrepreneurs in tax and economic law. The planned changes will, among others, make it easier for entrepreneurs to use the so-called ‘tax relief for bad debts’, which we wrote about last week. What will change? As regards the tax on […]

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  • Podatki z Galt Tax: Tax relief for ‘bad debts’ – what is it and how to deal with it?


    When issuing a VAT invoice to a contractor, we must pay both VAT tax and income tax from this invoice. Cumulatively, both these taxes are more than one third of the gross amount. If debtor did not pay the invoice on time, we would not receive payment for our goods or services. Additionally we have […]

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  • Podatki z Galt: Expenditures related to external financing of residential development projects – TAX EFFECTS OF ACCOUNTING TREATMENT


    The method of recognizing the tax deductible costs of the expenditure related to the external financing of housing development projects depends on their accounting treatment. The inclusion of paid interest as “production / work in progress” results in the fact that the interest can only be recognized as the tax costs when the premises are […]

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  • Podatki z Galt: The owners of the shopping malls and office buildings will pay a new tax.


    A draft amendment to the CIT Act and PIT Act provides for the introduction of a tax on commercial real estate located in Poland. In practice, this will be a new tax paid i.a. by the owners of the shopping malls and office buildings, as well as of the large stores. The new tax is […]

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  • Podatki z Galt: Tax costs associated with the purchase of intangible services will be limited


    The draft amendment to the CIT Act and PIT Act provides for limiting the possibility of including in the cost the expenditure on intangible services up to 5% of the income plus depreciation and the difference between the revenues and the external financing costs. The limitation is intended to include expenditure on i.a. advisory, accounting, […]

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    After entering into force amendments to the Tax Ordinance, the tax authorities will be able to of determine tax consequences of substance-over-form transactions.

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  • On the occasion of Easter we wish you all the best


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