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Podatki z Galt Tax: Tomorrow (03.10.2017) come into force the regulations specifying new requirements for transfer pricing documentation

tax, 02/10/2017

The regulations* coming into force on 3 October 2017 will include i.a. the detailed description of the elements of the local file, the master file and the benchmark analysis, that is the new documentation that some entrepreneurs have to already prepare for 2017. These regulations complement the transfer pricing regulations effective as of 1 January […]

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Podatki z Galt Tax: Tax relief for ‘bad debts’ will be easier to use

tax, 26/09/2017

The Ministry of Development is working on a draft law which will introduce simplification for entrepreneurs in tax and economic law. The planned changes will, among others, make it easier for entrepreneurs to use the so-called ‘tax relief for bad debts’, which we wrote about last week. What will change? As regards the tax on […]

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Podatki z Galt Tax: Tax relief for ‘bad debts’ – what is it and how to deal with it?

tax, 21/09/2017

When issuing a VAT invoice to a contractor, we must pay both VAT tax and income tax from this invoice. Cumulatively, both these taxes are more than one third of the gross amount. If debtor did not pay the invoice on time, we would not receive payment for our goods or services. Additionally we have […]

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